1. a tenth month passes, star ham ham still won't stop talking about male pregnancy
  2. I call him doctor WHAT
  3. assassins lurk behind the escalators
  4. @Jaden thoughts on Mm,gradients
  5. women are like volcanoes, they r hot but u can only admire them from a distance
  6. animorphs more like those books i would always glance at but never read whenever i saw one in school
  7. penguin style more like click everything to see what i dont have
  8. boi u think im the one who was dming everyone eggplants???
  9. where's juiceterlator too
  10. apj is the false prophet
  11. shurow is the one true god
  12. girls are like geysers, they are comprised mostly of water molecules
  13. because is 1000% superior
  14. is mumu in the room
  15. i haven't don't anything in class the past few days cuz the teacher is no longer expanding the directions and they are only up on the board which is like 40 feet away and I can'ts see that far
  16. riyita thinks february is gonna be a graduation party since megg hinted that it would "have trivia"
  17. idc about switch unless it has pokemon
  18. yo does anyone here know how I can find out which models the cpi files call for for each item cuz if u do I will make u permanent admin and give u all the cp music oggs u want
  19. jess more like I <3 duplicate pages
  20. tfw u look up "gangplank" and get a bunch of league of legends pics
  21. !told shurpw
  22. If you are disguise as Penguin... i am disguised as a Plant.
  23. Need Help? Let's Hope I Don't Take Four Hours to Respond
  24. vic irl
  25. feb 1st also means cp is eight weeks away from closing
  26. *suberb owl
  27. wow i ship it
  28. tfw after june 26 this relationship will turn pedophilliac
  29. in kindergarten me and this other kid were pretending to play Star Wars and we both wanted to be Han Solo, that's my worst early school experience
  30. tb to prank calling cp and Pizza Hut
  31. if anyone ever says the "admins are unfair" please look at turtleshrooms blocks
  32. i was 2 when i joined, now im almost 9
  33. ur a decent op oppa gangnam style
  34. when u go full jes mode
  35. vic can do stuff?? i thought he jsut recycled wikibot code and failed at python
  36. tfw u brother walks in the kitchen while u have two windows with precure and cp both up (sweatingirlrn)
  37. jes the kinda guy to cook kawkeet and be like i do what i want
  38. !tell custardthewikibird
  39. thoughts on being too lazy to do anything but too bored to not do anything
  40. i feel like im wasting my time and that i should be doing something but theres nothing i want to do
  41. football is for little babbys who cry to their mumu
  42. tfw trying to eat breakfast and there is a spider chilling by my plate
  43. raven more like devoid of any character development besides im an emo XP
  44. id take hitler any day
  45. tfw backs in too much pain to get out of bed
  46. thoughts on ep 8 of splash star introducing a new villain who legit says "señoritacos"
  47. jes help apj spammed my wiki with pics of ppl pointing guns i mean
  48. idk if ive said this ever but ember, u disturb me
  49. come on Apj26, i was stick for the day and it was great