1. Seth4564ti has a fridge???
  2. What's a food?
  3. I have 154 quick ballzz!! Beat that!!!!
  4. If Apj26 randomly died, CustardTheWikiBird will cry
  5. The only time you see the word "Trump" and "good" in the same sentence is when the word "not" is in between it
  6. Club Penguin Island is the afterlife
  7. The government which is just the ALIENS
  8. Club Penguin isn't real It's just a game made up by aliens
  9. guys is it bad that i have the voice samples for when u put an object in smm like "KOOPA TROOPA"
  10. heyd guys did you know that plankton works for jacob stoaotriusous
  11. what do u think is miyamoto's favorite meme