1. Giving vs getting gifts for the next splatfest
  2. This is a quote, feature it on the quote wiki
  3. Yo Apj, Custard is my boyfriend now
  4. trump wil ensure that twitter exists forever just so he can have a place to tweet crap
  5. Past work experience: Moderated a chat on a wiki about a children's game about penguins
  6. oi watazowski
  7. Seth's the type of guy who refuses to leave the drive-thru after he gets his food
  8. The type who drives into hurricanes to get a good video @hyper
  9. Seth's the type of guy who would go into the restaurant to eat his to go order
  10. Tfw twinkie is trump
  11. im vrex
  12. iphones are for eggs
  13. isn't wata like 4 tho?
  14. im 99
  15. Why is Friday not on Monday?
  16. twinkie is secretly married to his sister
  17. GOATs, swines, man this chat is becoming a real barnyard isn't it
  18. link the quote wiki
  19. my existence is pain