1. After all, that's what life is; to learn from our past to change the future.
  2. Do you have girl friends who approach to you very often?
  3. False, CP's end involves Miley Cyrus.
  4. Rockhopper as the voice actor for Mr. Krabs in Spongebob
  6. the word selfie didn't exist before the Oxford Dictionary added it in 2013
  7. and I'm going to use your blood as paint for my house, your head as a trophy and your brain as a cake
  8. I'll cut you with safety scissors!
  9. And 3 famous mexican clowns became the mayors of a state too or something like that
  10. Every girl loves men who run like Naruto
  11. I was hoping CPCB would self-destruct so that way the chat logs wouldn't get recorded
  12. we should make another chat bot secretly to destroy CPChatBot
  13. In 2017, Halloween will occur in October 31 and finally, Christmas in December 25
  14. Merry Walrus occurs in the last sunday of 2017 in the CP universe
  15. Merry Shurow is the holiday shurowans celebrate in chat in the last thursday of 2017
  16. And finally, Merry Perry is the holiday I invented and nobody celebrates that is intended to occur in every December 27. The nice people get a free Blue Crystal Platypus Puffle by Merry Perry
  17. @Custard Apj-bae is alone. Go to his house to play with him before his dad comes back
  18. It's the nutshack it's the nutshack it's the nutshack it's the nutshack it's the nutshack it's the nutshack it's the nustachk it's the nutshack
  19. btw shark I googled buyie whyie and it only showed me stuff about white wine
  20. idk anything about Doctor Who :[
  21. now drink some bleach
  22. Time to prepare the bleach for February
  23. Ironically, aren't there more suicides in Valentine's Day than actual couples loving themselves on that day?
  24. Imagine a Muppets World Tour Coffee Shop costume!
  25. Or a Holiday Party 2015 Lighthouse costume!
  26. Or how about a The Fair 2015 Ski Lodge costume!
  27. Or even a Club Penguin Island Party Mall costume