1. custard would you eat squirrel pudding
  2. @Timber The only gays are Apj and Custard plus Macaron and Chocolat. Now shush.
  3. apj's cake is MINE
  4. god bless chocolat
  5. @Vic apj has higher authority than you, so he has the right to make discussions better than you
  6. @Watat do you hate riyita or no? he doesn't deserve this
  7. @RiyitaCP You never deserved this. You're just a free blogger who just wants to make a difference around the community..
  8. my hair is like fluffballs
  9. elementary school was good from preschool to kindergarten only
  10. Also I have a confession. Yes, I'm really in love with Seth
  11. @Watat so I told splaat in private that I was 14 years old but I regretted my message but unfortunately I had no choice but to delete the whole conversation
  12. @Apj thoughts on all my children
  13. I've been killing lots of bugs with my feet recently. ._.
  14. twinkie let allt hagel die
  15. @Apj thoughts on this nub
  16. wow watat this describes custard perfectly
  17. herbert is mike ilitch
  18. He works in a big building somewhere in Manhattan, I think?
  19. jes is turning into a nub?!
  20. @Watat aw I wanted to see her butt
  21. @Apj I like to think about jacob tremblay a lot
  22. you suck seth the sucky!